Grow web3 and embody the spirit of decentralization by hacking at Graph Hack. This three-day hackathon starts immediately after Graph Day and unites developers, innovators, and creatives to build the future of the internet together.

Build the dapps of tomorrow, compete for bounties, and learn best practices from top developers in the space.


What to Build

Build the dapps of tomorrow, compete for bounties, and learn best practices from top developers in the space.

What to Submit

  • Project Description
  • Tech used
  • GitHub repo
  • Team members

Hackathon Sponsors


$969,500 in prizes
Cryptocurrency logo Prizes paid in cryptocurrency

Celo (2)
Cryptocurrency logo

1. Community Commerce - Total of $6K
Develop projects, protocols, and programs to support small-scale entrepreneurs in local communities with Celo’s mobile-first payment solutions.
- 1st Prize - $3K
- 2nd Prize - $2K
- 3rd Prize - $1K
2. Regenerative Economies & Climate - Total of $6K
Create economies that provide water, food, shelter, and other basic needs while regenerating our planet using Celo native currencies, reserve, and platform.
- 1st - $3K
- 2nd - $2K
- 3rd - $1K
3. Universal Basic Income (UBI) and Universal Access to Financial tools - Total of $6K
Enable access to financial tools and services like UBI, credit, stable low-risk yield, and insurance solutions.
1st - $3K
2nd - $2K
3rd - $1K
4. Best mobile submission - $1K
5. Best stablecoin submission - $1K
6. First five to launch on Mainnet - $1K each ($5K total)

Cryptocurrency logo

Net zero is NEAR:
The best CO2 emissions tracking tool on Near will be awarded with bounties a total of $25k

Coinbase (4)
Cryptocurrency logo

Build a compelling dapp with Coinbase Wallet to attract more users into the web3 ecosystem.

Coinbase Pay usage will get you bonus points!
1. 1st Place - $10,000
2. 2nd Place - $7,000
3. 3rd Place - $5,000
4. Best Feedback on Coinbase Wallet - $3,000

Polygon (8)
Cryptocurrency logo

1. Polygon NFT/Gaming Track - ($5000)
2. Polygon DeFi Track - ($5000)
3. Polygon Public Goods Track - ($5000)
4. Polygon Open Track - ($10,000)

Cryptocurrency logo

### Build your dApp using Figment DataHub

5 Winners x $5,000 = $25,000

The top 5 teams using DataHub to build on one of the below:
1. Polygon
2. Solana
4. Ethereum
5. Avalanche

will be awarded with $5,000 in the native token of the protocol they are building their project on.

Note: To qualify to win, hackers **MUST** Sign-up for [DataHub]( ALL Winners Will Receive access to Datahub’s PRO PLAN - 3 months for free Social Media & Newsletter Announcements/links to winning projects via Figment & DataHub’s social handles


1. Track 1:
Best use of DataHub API’s on Ethereum - Prize $5K (Paid in ETH)
2. Track 2:
Best use of DataHub API’s on Solana - $5K (Paid in SOL)
3. Track 3:
Best use of DataHub API’s on NEAR - $5K (Paid in NEAR)
4. Track 4:
Best use of DataHub API’s on Avalanche - $5K (Paid in AVAX)
5. Track 5:
Best use of DataHub API’s on Polygon - Prize $5K (Paid in MATIC)

Boba Network
Cryptocurrency logo

Use hybrid compute in combination with the graph to create an open-source application on the Boba Network.
- $10k: 1st prize
- $5k: 2nd Prize
- $2.5k: 3rd prize

Filecoin/IPFS (11)
Cryptocurrency logo

Storage Wizard:
The best use of Filecoin for persistent, decentralized storage and/or IPFS for content addressing (and/or any implementation of p2p infrastructure with Libp2p libraries). We strongly encourage use of tools like,,, Textile, OrbitDB or other tooling that combines Filecoin & IPFS. All types of projects are welcome - get creative!
1st prize - 1 x $5000 USD paid in FIL
2nd prize - 1 x $3000 USD paid in FIL
3rd prize - 1 x $2000 USD paid in FIL
1. Social Good Warrior [Bonus]: 1 x $1,500 USD paid in FIL
Best Use of Filecoin/IPFS for social good (e.g., sustainability, tackling the energy & logistic crises, preventing misinformation). Example: Indexing chains, creating energy dashboards based on NFT or other Graph data using the Filecoin Green API
2. Gaming, Metaverse, Daos & NFTs (Oh My!) [Bonus]: 1 x $1,500 USD paid in FIL
Best use of Filecoin or IPFS for NFTs, DAO Tooling, Gaming or the Metaverse (e.g., archiving, provenance connections, aggregation, tooling)
3. Daily Hack [Bonus]: 1 x $1,500 USD paid in FIL
Best Hack Project We’ll Use Every Day that uses Filecoin, IPFS libp2p (e.g., chat app with p2p, social network or social media tools, web scrapers, personal management systems (calendars, maps etc.), coffee maker, thermostat, IoT, home automation)
CATEGORY: Prize pool Highly Commended Prizes : Split between the next - up to 5
- runners' up (judge's discretion prize)
- $3000 USD paid in FIL ($1k max/team, 5 teams max)

BNB Chain
Cryptocurrency logo

1. Blockchain Explorer for the BAS - (7,500 BUSD)
Build comprehensive blockchain explorer (with EthScan as reference): It should allow users to access different details related to transactions on specific wallet addresses and blockchains including amount transacted, sources and destination of funds, and status of the transactions
2. Indexer for the BAS events with API endpoint - (10,000 BUSD)
Indexers act as node operators to establish a unique market for indexing and querying data between BNB Chain and BAS. This indexing tool, just like any indexing tool for traditional databases, is capable of locating and retrieving data.

Verida (3)
Cryptocurrency logo

1. $3k - (Innovation challenge)
Most innovative use of decentralized personal data using the Verida network
2. $3k - (Social / Messaging challenge)
Best social or messaging application using public or private data
3. $3k - (Health and Wellness category)
Application that demonstrates the biggest health impact using personal data

Moonbeam (2)
Cryptocurrency logo

Challenge #1:
Build a Cross-Chain Bridge Transaction Explorer
- 1st place: 3,000 USDT
- 2nd place: 1,500 USDT
Challenge #2:
Build a DeFi Tool for Moonbeam
- 1st place: 2,000 USDT
- 2nd place: 1,000 USDT

EPNS (2)
Cryptocurrency logo

1. 10x $500 worth of $USDC tokens:
For the best creation of channel with EPNS-Integrated-Subgraph / Dapp using Frontend SDK
2. 2x $1,000 worth of $USDC tokens:
For the most creative use of:
- EPNS-Integrated-Subgraph
- Backend SDK
- Smart Contract
in your Dapp, web3, communication layer
3. 2 x $1,000 worth of $USDC tokens
For the most innovative functionality

Ava Labs (Avalanche)
Cryptocurrency logo

1. Custom VM challenge - $3,000
2. UI for creating/deploying/managing subnets - $3,000
3. NFT Marketplace Subgraph (aggregate all NFT trading across marketplaces) - $3,000

Pastel Network
Cryptocurrency logo

Pastel Cezanne Bounty Program
In an endeavor to make the Pastel Network more secure, we are partnering with The Graph to deliver a bug bounty program of our Cezanne Release, currently active on the Testnet.

To date, we have had two audits done on our source code. This bug bounty is a step further in fortifying the security of Pastel ahead of the Cezanne Mainnet Release.

The bounty amount will be up to $9,000 in PSL and covers level (Bounty Amount $ paid in PSL):
- Critical ($5K)
- High ($2.5K)
- Medium ($1K)
- Low ($500)

All the bug reports require an accompanying PoC in order to be considered for a reward.

Eden Network (4)
Cryptocurrency logo

- Best public good built/supported by the Graph - $1k
- Best Graph Network UX improvement for any of the primary network participants (indexer, curator, delegator, consumer, etc.) - $1k
- Best usage of any of the new tech announced on Graph Day (can be theoretical use if tech not yet available) - $1k
- Best usage of the Graph to increase transparency or improve the experience of users that are subjected to MEV (miner extractable value) - $1k

Uniswap Grants (3)
Cryptocurrency logo

Improvement/innovation in Uniswap-subgraph usage and tooling – 3× prizes Sharing a total of $5k

Soulbound Labs (3)
Cryptocurrency logo

**Best Reputation Subgraph**

1. $1000
2. $650
3. $350

**Best Reputation Subgraph Integration**

1. $1000
2. $650
3. $350

Read more about it here:

Gnosis Chain (4)
Cryptocurrency logo

Deploy an innovative dApp on Gnosis Chain, formally known as xDai Chain.
- 1st prize: $2,000
- 2nd prize: $1,000
- 3rd & 4th prize each: $500

Livepeer (3)
Cryptocurrency logo

1. $2k - Killer Web3 social, creator, or gaming application
2. $1k - Community focused application that utilizes gated video
3. $1k - Best use of the Video NFT Minting SDK

Spruce (3)
Cryptocurrency logo

Spruce wants to encourage the creative use of Sign-In with Ethereum to build rich Web3 applications.

Spruce will be awarding $4,000 USD worth of prizes for teams that use Sign-In with Ethereum in their applications to meaningfully gate usage and access:
- using Subgraphs
- contribute to or extend our existing open-source libraries
- or is generally a part of the core application flow

1. 2x $1,500 for best use cases that use Sign-In with Ethereum for a meaningful workflow in an application that gates access based on data from a Subgraph.
2. 2x $500 for additional use cases in projects that integrate and use Sign-In with Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency logo

Messari wants to encourage creative use of our subgraph data both to build applications and derive insights. We’ve integrated subgraphs for over 20 different DeFi protocols across 10 networks. We’ve grouped these protocols into 3 different categories (DEXes, Lending, Yield), each with a standardized schema that’s common to all subgraphs in that category. This should make it very easy for you to access data across different subgraphs in the same category.

**App Challenge**

**Best app built on top of our subgraphs**

- First Prize: $2000
- Second Prize: $1000
- Third Prize: $500

**Evaluation Criteria**

- Quality of the end product
- Potential impact of the product
- Originality of the idea
- Creative combination of data from multiple subgraphs

**Insight Challenge**

**Best insight derived from our data**

- First Prize: $1000
- Second Prize: $500

**Evaluation Criteria**

- Originality of the idea
- Depth of research/analysis
- Clear and thorough explanation
- Good visualization is a plus
- #alpha

Read more about it here:

Flux Protocol
Cryptocurrency logo

Build a subgraph for:
- Flux’s first party oracle on NEAR
- Our price feed factory on Aurora

Cryptocurrency logo

1. Best use of Connext to execute cross-chain yield strategies, governance functions, or stablecoin arbitrage - $2000
2. Best implementation of cross-chain twap manipulation resistant price oracle using Connext & The Graph - $1000
3. Best demonstration of Connext's callback capabilities with Graph usage - $500
4. $300 & $200: Contribute example xapp flows

Cryptocurrency logo

Build a tool to track TVL of Aurora Ecosystem projects using The Graph Judging criteria:
1. The most complete implementation
2 Code review
3. Originality, new/interesting features

Cryptocurrency logo

IPOR structured products - $4K

Art Blocks
Cryptocurrency logo

1. Challenge #1 - $2000
Most interesting thing built for artists on top of the Art Blocks subgraph

2. Challenge # 2 - $2000
Most interesting thing built for collectors on top of the Art Blocks subgraph With these existing resources to be shared with hackers:


UMA Protocol
Cryptocurrency logo

Challenge - $4000
For best use case of the Optimistic Oracle. Bonus points for using Graph tech in the process.

An ideas bank is open to anyone looking for a "winning" spec.

Cryptocurrency logo

Users’ activity is an important piece of data that we have always been eager to display between our dApps. We believe that this data must be indexed in a decentralized and open platform as TheGraph is to leverage the usage and to allow anyone to obtain high-level data quality. We use Ethereum and Polygon networks so we already know that two subgraphs must be deployed but may use the same code. Some examples of what we expect to have are:
Order/Bid creation, execution, cancelation
NFTs transfers
MANA Transfers
Deposit/Withdraw MANA between Ethereum and Polygon
Delegate MANA (snapshot VP)
Publish a collection in Polygon
Buy an item (primary sales)
Mint an item
Assign managers to your collection
A collection being approved
Bonus track: Consider adding “weight” to each event type so we can easily create a user ranking on top of that.
There is an insight challenge too where you can propose and execute your own idea that will be useful for Decentraland.
Subgraph Challenge
Best app built on top of our subgraphs
First Prize: $9000
Evaluation Criteria
Quality of the end subgraph
Depth of research/analysis
Quality of the end code
Insight Challenge
Best insight derived from our data
First Prize: $4000
Second Prize: $3000
Third Prize: $1000

Read more about it here:

Project Galaxy
Cryptocurrency logo

4K For one Bounty : Project Galaxy Core Contract Gas Optimizations

Cryptocurrency logo

Best user created demo of Parallel products. We're looking for the best article/video or writeup that helps other people get started with Parallel.

Chainlink (2)
Cryptocurrency logo

- $1,000 each to the top 3 projects that use Chainlink VRF v2
- $1,000 each to the top 3 projects that use Chainlink Keepers
- $1,000 each to the top 3 projects that use any Chainlink product and who was not chosen in one of the previous awards (VRF v2 or Keepers)

Read more about this here:

Cryptocurrency logo

SKALE Grand Prize
$4K awarded for the best use of SKALE with opportunities for follow-up investments and further grants
Partner Integration Awards
Up to $3K worth of $SKL tokens for teams integrating SKALE plus an ecosystem partner - ie Chainlink + SKALE or The Graph + SKALE. Can be numerous winners.
Prize Pool
$2K Prize pool divided among all teams that launch any product on SKALE

Cryptocurrency logo

1. The best NFT subgraph on Arbitrum - $2k
2. The best DeFi subgraph on Arbitrum - $2k

ZKsync (2)
Cryptocurrency logo

1st Prize: $1,500
Most interesting application of zkSync v2.
$2,500 prize pool to be split equally amongst all entries.

General track - DAOs & Governance (2)
Cryptocurrency logo

General track: DAOs & Governance category
1 winner and one runner-up

General track - NFTs/Metaverse/Gaming (2)
Cryptocurrency logo

General track: NFTs/Metaverse/Gaming category
1 winner and one runner-up

General track - DeFi (2)
Cryptocurrency logo

General track: DeFi category
1 winner and one runner-up

General track - Dev tooling (2)
Cryptocurrency logo

General track: Dev Tooling category
1 winner and one runner-up

General track - Subgraph bounties (2)
Cryptocurrency logo

- Best subgraph
- Best use of subgraphs

Optimism (3)
Cryptocurrency logo

1. Make an Etherscan clone that only tracks one application using a subgraph - $3k
2. Make a subgraph that tracks the OP token - $3k
3. Make a tutorial style dapp explaining how to make a subgraph on Optimism - $3k

Data Nexus (4k) (4)
Cryptocurrency logo

1. $1500 best app for new-to-web3 users
2. $1000 best new subgraph for DAO analytics/coordination 3. $750 x2 most interesting new use cases for web3 technology

Transak (4k)
Cryptocurrency logo

$4000 divided equally between all teams that launch any product with Transak’s fiat on/off ramp integration. Each team will receive one month of 0% fees for their users.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Alex Shevchenko

Alex Shevchenko
CEO / Aurora

John Schutt

John Schutt

Sergej Stein

Sergej Stein
Head of Institutional BD / IPOR

Rahul Sethuram

Rahul Sethuram
Co-Founder / Connext

Paige Glowacky

Paige Glowacky

Wayne Chang

Wayne Chang
CEO / SpruceID

Vincent Wen

Vincent Wen

Teck Chia

Teck Chia

Jordan Rein

Jordan Rein
Founder / Soulbound Labs

Chris Piatt

Chris Piatt
Co-Founder / Eden Network

Alison Haire

Alison Haire
Filecoin / IPFS

Rumeel Hussain

Rumeel Hussain
BNB Chain

Samantha Bohbot

Samantha Bohbot

Diego Lizarazo Rivera

Diego Lizarazo Rivera

Siraj Raval

Siraj Raval
Head of Developer Education / Polygon

Dorian Crutcher

Dorian Crutcher

Joe Nyzio

Joe Nyzio
DevRel / Celo

Devin Goodkin

Devin Goodkin
DataHub / Figment

Chris Were

Chris Were
CEO / Verida

Harsh Rajat

Harsh Rajat
Founder / EPNS

Gabriel Cardona

Gabriel Cardona
Developer Evangelist / Ava Labs

Zhehao (Kobby) Chen

Zhehao (Kobby) Chen

Kevin Neilson

Kevin Neilson
Developer relations / Moonbeam

John Frost

John Frost
Skale Labs

Solange Gueiros

Solange Gueiros
Developer advocate / Chainlink Labs

Judging Criteria

  • Technicality
    What type of technical challenges did the group deal with? (Coding or non-coding challenges.)
  • Creativity
    How unique and innovative is the demo? Has it been seen at previous hackathons?
  • Usefulness
    How useful is this demo, based on the problem they are trying to solve?
  • Design
    How good is the visual design and interaction experience?
  • Makes the World a Better Place
    Will this demo equalize the playing field rather than perpetuate existing inequities? Does it lead us towards a better society and a blockchain culture that reflects the diversity of the world?

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